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Marty Rice, Manager of Leisure Travel & Advertising, Tourism London
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With the advent of technology playing an ever changing and important role in doing business now and in the future, Tourism London has always tried to stay ahead of the game. Thus, our website is becoming an integral component in how we market and promote our wonderful city. This unique tool is ever changing in efforts to meet the goal of staying current and up to date. Where we once focused our energy on print advertising, and today we still do to a point, we now have to develop and implement new concepts utilizing our website. How many websites do you go to and all you see are a couple of still images, a write up and a few other ideas that are meant to entice you to go further in searching out the importance of a hotel, an attraction, a museum or a festival and event?

Two years ago, we developed an entirely new concept after doing some in depth research and analysis. We discovered that there were not any Destination Marketing Organizations that were marketing and promoting their city, region or area using videos. What better way to learn about an event or what a museum is about than seeing a up to date and current video on that particular point of interest instead of a write up and a couple of pictures?

As a result, we have 45 videos on our website that range in length from 45 seconds to 1 and a half minutes. These videos give the consumer a much better idea of, and education on, our museums and cultural icons, hotels, attractions, shopping, dining, festivals, events and city trails for biking. In the first year we had over 40,000 views and the unique site is still going strong.
So, if you are looking for something neat to do tonight, go to and sit back and enjoy what your beautiful city, London, has to offer.

The 2012 London Fringe Festival runs from June 6 – 17. The London Fringe Festival is dedicated to the promotion, production, and prosperity of independent artists. Plan to check out our independent talent this year. Visit for more information. - Marty Rice, Director of Advertising and Leisure Travel, Tourism London

Photos by Al Desrochers

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